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Hello everyone. My name is June, and I am the owner of custom cuts and engraving. Custom cuts and engraving started back in 2017 at our family owned coffee shop in the small town of Olean New York. Offering a variety of mugs and simple signs. Within the first year, we went from making coffee mugs to all kinds of drink, where mugs, glasses, tumblers, wine, glasses, and shot glasses. Simple signs turned into personal one of a kind gifts. T-shirt starting to become popular. And soon the start of “ can you make this” happened. Going above and beyond with just a cricut we made it happen. During the beginning of the pandemic, in 2020 we took a leap and ordered a laser cutter and engraver. Which expanded the business even more. Now being able to offer 3-D signs made out of wood and or acrylic. Also being able to engrave on these wood projects and other items. Since adding the laser, we have made so much more than signs such as, earrings, keychains, ornaments, stands, and the list goes on. In 2021 we added a sublimation machine to our business. This ink base process guarantees that your images will last forever, unlike the vinyl process. Thank you for checking us out. .

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